East West Corridors and Thinking Outside the Box


The offer of full funding of an LRT line is a very attractive inducement.  This has created some chaos in our City.

Whether you are pro or anti car, there are a number of facts of life we have to face in Hamilton.  One is that we have a lot of business downtown.  Another is that we have an escarpment that is no different than a major river running through the breadth of the City.

As it stands, people out of the centre of the City need to get to the centre.  From a layman’s perspective, it looks like the majority of that traffic comes from the West morning and evening.

We do not have a perimeter road below the mountain.  That is a true shame.  When we tried to build one on top of the mountain, by hook or by crook it took us 40 years to get it done.  Still, people need to move West to East and East to West in addition to getting into town.

In a perfect world where we had oodles of money we could have a subway and bury the other two entrances to the downtown.  But we don’t.  Toronto can’t even get a subway.  And the appetite for a perimeter Road doesn’t appear to be there.  So what do we do?

I like the idea of an LRT. But it would be wasteful and harmful if all that it did was reduce the capacity of getting people downtown.

Maybe someone knows the answer to this, but why not run the LRT down KING to Victoria, or Wellington or Ferguson or whatever and then turn it down to the TH & B and run it out to Mac on the rail trail?  We would preserve the Main and King entrance from the West, eliminate the multimillion dollar fiasco of having to rebuild the 403 interchanges, and allow for two way streets on King and Main from the downtown to Stoney Creek.  We would have a cross City LRT and people from Burlington, Waterdown, Ancaster and Dundas could get into the City without hassle.


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